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Truck Bed Liners

The name REFLEX points to the two most important factors in truck box protection: RESISTANCE AND FLEXIBILITY. Our Spray Molded polyurethane liner is resistant to most chemicals like gasoline, battery acid, fertilizer, herbicides, road salt, etc. High Flexibility is the key to creating “LOAD GRIP”. The load grip advantage of REFLEX is huge when comparing our product to plastic drop-in liners. You wouldn’t place a slippery plastic sheet at your front door and it doesn’t make sense to put one inside your truck box either.


The Reflex spray molded truck liner fits like a glove enhancing the trucks design while providing a rugged surface that looks great, and protects against scratches, dents, and rust. Unlike many plastics Reflex will not warp in the hot sunlight or crack in cold weather conditions. Buyers beware of thin coatings that are nothing more than fine textured epoxy or thick paint. Reflex is applied up to 1/4” thick in the high abuse areas of the truck beds and because the liner is spray molded and bonded to the metal surface, there is no loss of cargo space. Tie down lugs, fifth wheel mounts, and other accessories remain accessible.